Why don’t ad agencies display their rates on their websites?


Why don’t ad agencies display their rates on their websites?

We believe in giving clients upfront pricing, so why don’t all advertising agencies work the same way? Life would be so much more efficient if businesses were more consumer-centric. Agencies, list your rates and portfolio on your website to make shopping easier. A lot of developers will tell you that they can’t list prices because there are so many variables, number of plugins, number of proofs, blah, blah. Nobody wants to be nickel and dimed with an hourly rate, not to mention that some developers are a lot faster than others so hourly rate means nothing. The truth is that after a 10 minute conversation, we are able to determine a budget on ANY small business project. Sometimes the project takes a little more time or less time, but it evens out in the end, so we stick to our flat rate pricing to make it easier for the clients and ourselves.

The bottom line is designers feel they need to convince you of their price before they give it to you. I say, let your work and prices speak for themselves. Business to business consumers do not have time to make all of those phone calls, especially if their business is thriving. The result of all of those phone calls is typically an inflated quote that doesn’t fit your budget anyway. That must drive you bananas! We feel the same way. So throw those bananas to the monkeys, and enter the world of clear pricing. In fact, that pricing is right on our homepage. Who knew business could be that simple?

Posted on April 27, 2015 in News

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